Hire Mambo Developer

Hire Mambo developer/programmer is the best idea in the modern times of online business and growing web activities by the people.

Hire Mambo Developer

Hiring web developers/programmers is just like forgetting all the complexities of web development for your online business. There is a variety of web users that use web for their different interests and everybody is not proficient in developing sites, knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, and over all IT technologies, which are required for the website development, software development and different web applications. Web users, established online businessmen & novice to web technologies can hire Mambo developer. He is an individual technical expert for solving various problems. Mambo is PHP based open source CMS (content management system) or compatible to PHP, it is award winning licensed under the GNU/GPL license web development software. Prism Software is professional web development company offers various open source software development solutions to offshore outsourcing firms on hire basis. Hire Mambo Developer/programmer on affordable rates from Prism Software and forget about all technical and non technical web development problems.

  • To develop dynamic websites
  • Mambo is the best solution for B2B websites
  • Mambo provides strong admin to manage and control better
  • To develop strong content management system for your online business
  • Mambo can be hosted on different servers like Macintosh OS X, Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc.
  • Hire Mambo developer/programmer for customized Mambo use according to specific development
  • Special Mambo developer is useful in integration of new modules, customized layouts, content modification, new design integrations, Mambo CMS Design Templates, Mambo component development, Mambo module development, etc.
  • Hire Mambo developer/programmer who will provide the latest version features and advance Mambo development.
Technical features offered by the Mambo
  • Mambo offers advance templating techniques
  • Mambo do not require knowledge of HTML, XML, and DHTML
  • Mambo offers page caching for improving performance on busy sites
  • Mambo offers web indexing of static pages, automates various tasks with RSS feeds and robust API
  • Mambo offers few interface features like website searching, language internationalization, printable versions of pages, forums, polls, calendars, news flashes, blogs, etc.
Hire Mambo developer / programmer Plan for you:
  • A special Mambo developer /programmer will work 8 Hours/ Day, 5 Days/Week
  • We do not charge any start up or maintenance costs from our clients in this special hiring program
  • Clients can stay connected through emails and instant messengers with hired Mambo developer
  • We provide 24*7 Client support through working in shifts
  • Source code Rights and Resell rights are exclusive for clients
  • Lower cost of hiring Mambo developers / programmers from Prism Software
  • Mambo developer will provide day-to-day updates on your project

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